Bruce Swaim Quartet My Heart Stood Still
Bruce Swaim Quartet Winter's Waltz
Bruce Swaim Quartet Lucky Strikes
Bill Boublitz Takes on Life
Jon Seligman Quintet Music
Bill Harris Invitation
Bill Holland By Heart
Bill Holland Players, Fools And Thieves
Billy Hancock Passions
Brooks Tegler Keep ‘Em Flying
Brooks Tegler That’s It
Cindy Cain Love Contest
Danny Gatton Unfinished Business
Danny Gatton Funhouse
Danny Gatton Untouchable
Danny Gatton Portraits
Don Junker Big Band Junk Mail Special
Holly Cross Vagley Naked
Howland Ensemble 10 Years in 5 Days
Howland Ensemble Reiko
John and Frank Cocuzzi Together
John Blount Big Band Better Days Ahead
Jr. Cline and the Recliners Rope The Moon
Mary Shaver No Time Like Now
Pam Bricker and Rick Harris All The Things You Are
Rick Harris … And The Little Big Horns
Ronnie Wells Here I Am
Ronnie Wells Live At Blues Alley
Steve Herberman Thought Lines
Swingspeak Live At Blues Alley
Swingspeak Well Spoken
Wayne Wilkinson Full Circle
Barbara Martin Eyes On The Horizon
Kevin Marvelle Love's The Reason
Bob Israel Total Eclipse
The Don Junker Big Band Junkyard Dog
Mary Ann Redmond Compared To What
Bruce Swaim Quartet Greener Pastures